Managed Services

Accord Synergy Ltd. Services has a rich skill set of well trained technical and management resources. Using these resources and our rich experience in handling of telecom networks, we are able to engage with our customer in a variety of different models. Our offerings span a wide range starting with high involvement models like SLA based full-fledged managed services.

Managed Services for Active and Passive Infrastructure

Accord Synergy Ltd. Services supports OEMs and operators in management of Active and passive infrastructure. This may be in the form of

  1. Task based management of Passive and /or Active infrastructure including taking up AMCs for Infra elements like DG sets, Air conditioners etc and maintaining KPIs as per SLA.We do complete Preventive as well as Breakdown maintenance including repair/replacement of defective parts within time limits defined by the criticality of the SLAs.
  2. Resource based support to OEMs where we outsource trained personnel at all levels viz Project managers, Engineers, Technicians and Riggers who continue to work  for the OEM while still remaining under our payrolls.
  3. Remote maintenance and support (L2, L3) for active infrastructure (GNOC Support) and alarm monitoring.